Welcome to My Personal Blog

Here I will pen my own thoughts and post the thoughts of others that stimulate me on a variety of subjects.  These will primarily break down into the following categories:

  • Personal miscellany
  • Personal Updates on developments along my life path
  • Meditations and commentary on:
    • Core Values
    • Theology
    • Devotion
    • Public Policy
    • Current Events

I hope you will drop by regularly and that you will subscribe to be notified when updates are posted.

Disclaimer and Rules of Engagement:  I am not an expert on anything.  This blog is not intended as the final word on any topic.  Subscribers may respond only if subscribed under “their” real name (yes I do steer away from proper grammar from time to time – sometimes it’s just easier, sometimes I just don’t know any better) and use basic decency in your responses.

The primary purpose for the site is simply to record my own thoughts and to stimulate the thoughts of others.  Disagreement is welcome but no ranting or profanity please.  I may choose to dialog with you to some degree but if I don’t, I still appreciate you taking time to respond.  If you contribute something that I deem inappropriate, I may delete it or edit it to make it fit for consumption on the site while allowing the basic idea to stand.  Once you make a contribution to this blog, I reserve the right to use or manage your words for my  own purposes without abusing your original idea. Simply put, words posted on this blog become property of the blog.

God bless,