Thoughts on the Immigration Reform Debate

On June 28, 2013 I posted the following thought on the current immigration reform Border  It prompted a question from a friend which led to the previous article, What Would Jesus Say About Borders?

Facebook Post:

The proposed immigration bill reportedly requires those desiring citizenship to get in the back of the line facing a 13 year process to the realization of their dreams. They must pay fines for their violation of the current immigration laws. They must pay their taxes. Some say they are not required to pay their back taxes, but that is absurd. We are all already required to pay our taxes, back taxes included. How is it that they would be an exception? If there are weaknesses in the proposal, Republicans should address those with real solutions that have a chance of addressing the problems, but, I am ashamed to say, many would rather simply obstruct any change other than for improved border security. The reality is, border security has greatly improved and, if handled rightly, immigration reform can improve the system in great need of repair. Obstructionism is the easy path. Any idiot can raise objections. It takes real work and courage to propose and develop real solutions.