Whose Fault Is It Really?

Leck and The Finger 1Who’s to blame for the current mess that is the US Presidential Race?  Why are we looking at a very real possibility of a race between a probable felon and confirmed serial liar and a blowhard egotist who hesitates when asked to condemn the KKK?

Well there is plenty of blame to go around, but when you boil it all down…

Is it Obama’s fault?

Well of course it is.  No seriously, it is.  No one has done more to divide the country and to put up walls between left and right than Obama.  He pretended from day one to want to hear and benefit from all sides in any debate. But in the end, what he meant was, please come over and agree with me so we can work together in my vision of a “fundamentally transform[ed]” America.

Is It the Democrats?

Sure.  Who has done more to block progress and bipartisan action than Harry Reid, who wouldn’t even allow a budget to come to a vote on the Senate floor?

What about Republican Obstructionism?

Of course, that has played a part too.  Republicans, who had every opportunity to put forward real proposals and solutions to a variety of problems, even if it was clear they would be struck down, often chose to simply spend their energy blocking the opposition, thus being tagged with the well-deserved moniker, The Party of No.

Conservative Purism?

There is a time to block and a time to resist, but when you can’t even work within your own party to come to agreements on action that could be productive if passed, you have failed.  The best has become the enemy of the good.

But The Real Culprit Is Not Often Mentioned

The Church. That’s right the followers of Jesus.  We are the real foundational reason things are falling apart around us.  “But wait, we are the victims.  We are the persecuted. Don’t you see how the world is forsaking our values and persecuting us for our beliefs, even forcing us to make cakes for gay weddings? (What a bunch of whiners!) Don’t you recognize the culture wars and how badly our side is doing?”

Yes, I certainly do.  Look at those footprints on your back.  Look at those bruises from being run roughshod over and remember the words of Jesus.  “You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men.”  As Gomer Pyle would say, “Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!”

Oh yeah!  The reason the earth is not salted is because the salt has not salted it.  The reason society is rotting is because the preservative that can restrict its natural tendency to degrade has neglected or altogether abandoned its responsibility of performing its preserving work in every aspect of culture and society. And it has substituted something other than Christlikeness, and called it salt.  Self-righteousness is not salt.  Isolationism is not salt.  Defensiveness is not salt.  Unkindness is not salt.  Compromise of principles in the conduct of our families and businesses is not salt.  Always looking to tear down rather than strengthening the things that remain, is not salt.

And the Greatest Blame of All Rests Squarely in One Place

The Pulpits of America.  Pastors and teachers who are more concerned about building their personal kingdoms or losing a few donors rather than feeding the sheep God has put under their care are False Shepherds, hirelings at best and idolaters at worst.  Those who do not equip and commission witnesses into the culture with real wisdom, grace, and lives invested into the world around them as servants to a needy world are a disgrace to the Gospel of Christ.

And that does not just mean that we are to testify against the pervasive rottenness.  It means we are to sanctify the society.  We are to join hands with it.  We are to come alongside it and help it in its struggle to produce a functioning society that is stable, productive, and peaceful.  We have no right to confront until we have served.  We have no right to rebuke until we have been kind.  We have no right to judge until we have thoroughly judged ourselves, and the pastors and preachers must lead by example and train by the solid uncompromising Word of God applied first to the House of God.

Some think they see God’s hand in raising up a Donald Trump to take a stand against the tide of insanity that is breaking down our culture.  To this I say, if that is the case, it is to our everlasting shame.  Indeed, God has raised up the ungodly before to accomplish his ends, but if we look into the scriptures, he usually raises them up to judge his own people, and then turns to judge the very instrument of judgment that he raised up.

This is all unnecessary, but may have become necessary to eventually bring us to our senses by God’s mercy.  In any case, there is only one reason the world around us is rotting away.  Only one reason Christians are the subject of increasing abuse.  The salt has lost its saltiness.  And the reason the salt has lost its saltiness is that the pulpit has lost its power.  And the reason the pulpit has lost its power is that the shepherds have forsaken their assignment.

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