8 Recommendations for Governor Romney’s Monday Night Foreign Policy Debate

Here are 8 things the Governor should do and not do Monday night to demonstrate both President Obama’s incompetency and his own readiness to conduct Foreign Policy.



1)  Romney should not put all his eggs in the Benghazi basket.  Over focus can leave him looking weak on the broad scale.

2)  On Benghazi, it’s hard to hit a moving target, stick with the known facts – What actually happened? List conflicting reports given, and incompetencies exhibited by the Obama Administration.  Don’t be side-tracked by Obama’s next deflection; just say, “Well there’s another one.”

3)  Be ready with an answer on Syria that doesn’t send our troops or put our weapons in the hands of Al Qaeda.

4)  To demonstrate prudence, qualify answers with, “Based on the information I have at this time…”

5)  Chastise the President for his practice of shunning Netanyahu and stiff-arming Israel.  Emphasize lasting US commitment to Israel.

6)  Draw a parallel on the destabilization of the Middle East in Carter’s and Obama’s mishandling of Iran.  Lay out the path that prevents Iran from obtaining nukes.

7)  Tie Foreign Policy to Economic Recovery:  Promise to reestablish US leadership and dignity in the world, in part by unleashing the power of Free Enterprise, setting an example for the reduction of crushing debt and poverty.

8)  And last but not least, promise never to give a Head of State an iPod as a gift.