Some Good Things Are Happening In the Current Politico-Economic Debate

FIRST, Believers in freedom in the area of enterprise are being given the opportunity to better formulate their arguments and to present a side of free market capitalism through a moral lens that reveals its innate “compassionate” side, to show the side of free market dynamics that naturally tends to work to the benefit of everyone who participates in, and is affected by, a given market.

SECOND, The complaints against free market capitalism have been so strong, so loud, and so predominant in the public discussion that it has forced the free marketeers, who might have brushed aside the concerns in the absence of such pressure, to begin to evaluate and address actual abuses of the capitalistic ideal with real and responsible policy analysis that can result in a freer and more compassionate planet.

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A Note to My Conservative Friends

Just because an article criticizes Barack Obama doesn’t mean it’s true.  And, just the fact that the Democrats have done poorly or taken us the wrong direction doesn’t convince anyone we can do a better job.  Just stick with the stuff that can be clearly demonstrated and present solutions not just complaints.  Let our solutions take into account the liberals legitimate concerns.  Its not all their concerns that are wrong, just their solutions.  If we can’t win the argument with real and well communicated solutions we will loose and the decline of our great nation will be OUR FAULT.