Maintaining Vision – A Necessity for Successful Transformation

“Where there is no vision, the people perish…” Proverbs 29:18

There is lack of cohesion in any society where there is no common vision to hold it on its course.

If we embrace the idea of incrementalism as normative, even essential as a mechanism of change, we must also be aware of its most significant weakness – the difficulty of maintaining direction toward an intended destination when the only visible change appears, by itself, to be insignificant.

It is easy to lose steam, easy to lose hope that the small changes will ever accumulate to the point of establishing a new way of thinking and acting in the culture.  If energy is not maintained, change will become less directional, more random, less productive or even destructive, and the individual will see himself as a small boat adrift on the ever fluctuating sea of public sentiment rather than as part of an armada on a grand voyage.

Those wishing to foster significant transformative change, or even  wishing in some cases to simply maintain a given state, must be ever mindful of the overarching purpose of their common vision and must work to nurture it and broaden its embrace within the culture.  This requires, as mentioned in an earlier article, the development of a significant level of consensus, and it requires a core of adherents committed to marshaling its best efforts toward promoting the cause.

This vision must of necessity be long-term.  Each participant must see his or her role as a significant part of something greater than himself or herself.  The people that are part of the movement must come to embrace the vision and the true significance of their respective parts at a level sufficient to maintain engagement, with a determination to see the mission through to the realization of the vision.  Some transformation requires a commitment of weeks, some of years, some of multiple generations. Continue reading “Maintaining Vision – A Necessity for Successful Transformation”

Nicaraguan Presidential Elections

Daniel Ortega is declared the winner from preliminary counts (40% of ballots counted) with 64% of the vote.  Unfortunately there is no way of knowing what the people wanted. La Prensa and El Nuevo Diario both report widespread fraud and abuse.

Opposition polling officials were barred from many polling places.  Poll watchers from the Organization of American States and the EU were prevented from entering sites.  There are reports of Sandinistas marking extra ballots.  Some polling places closed early with voters standing in line to vote.  Sandinistas were videoed celebrating as they exited polling places to transfer ballots to the Supreme Electoral Council, a Sandinista organization.

This was an absolute mockery of democracy.  Thankfully, there is another Kingdom that is not shaken by this nonsense.

“Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”  Amen