Nicoya Coffee’s FIRST Roast

Nicoya Coffee is roasting today. This is our first roast and our introduction of Nicoya’s Special Blend No. 1. The work is being done under the watchful eye of Silvio Mendez of Cafe Kilambe’, Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

Patience and careful attention to quality has its reward.

Leck Heflin, Owner

Mission Team from Vacaville

The team from Deeper, The Mission’s school of supernatural ministry, departed today about noon to return to Vacaville.

Deeper School Mission Team from Vacaville - Nicragua April 2011

What a time!  They ministered to about 90 men and women at Peniel, a life rebuilding ministry that works with men and women with life debilitating concerns such as drugs, alcohol, and catastrophic experiences.  Peniel is also the home of one of our prototype farms.  The team was wonderfully received and  their ministry was very impacting.

In addition they blessed pastors and leaders from the Matagalpa area, more leaders and students the training institute of Avance Nicaragua near Managua, as well as the inhabitants of the “tent city” in Managua’s governmental district.

In the near future my focus will turn largely to getting our coffee business going as I continue to nurture and build relationships here.  I’m not promoting myself for “ministry” but will walk through open doors as they present themselves and they seem right.  After all, life is ministry, so I try not to live a segmented life.  I will value the production of fine coffee as much as I do teaching the Bible.  I do already have one request for an in home Bible study and an invitation to minister to a congregation in Matagalpa.  I’m postponing that for the present.

Our first roasting should occur this week and ship out next week.

God bless,